Greetings from the Chairperson

Greetings from the Chairperson


Welcome to
Gwangju Metropolitan Council

Dear Citizens;
I am the chairperson of the 8th city council of Gwangju, Kim Yong-jyb.

Our city council has strived for the happiness of citizens and future of Gwangju as a spokesman of the citizens and a partner of municipality since the resurrection on 1991.

The 8th city council of Gwangju elected from local election on June 13, 2019 will carry out the followings under the slogan to be an highest leading council in Korea for driving changes and innovations.


We will make the council of collaboration among members based on the partnership and community spirit.


We will accomplish the coordinative ruling council through attracting active involvement of the citizens as mediators who dissolve the conflicts within the community.


We will grow to a council striving for changes and innovations to be sensitized by the citizens.


We will bounce back as a political council which studies to strengthen the meeting of members for each walk and suggest the alternative policies actively.

The doors of our council are open to you always.We will wait for citizens always. We ask your keen interest and involvement. Thank you.

The chairperson of the city council of Gwangju